“Working with Dori over the three month period was an amazing experience. Not only did she help me to address my eating behavior but also helped me to address other areas in my life, in a spiritual sense, that were “cluttered”, which I am forever grateful. I am more focused on what I allow my body to consume and even more exciting my clothes are looser. Also, with my additional focus I have been able to move forward and pursue some personal goals.”

Trina T. – Washington, D.C.

 “Having been a long time vegetarian I thought I had a good idea of what a healthy diet was, but my energy levels and weight weren’t what I wanted them to be.  Dori helped me to tweak my diet with changes that made sense and I’ve been able to stick with for over 12 months.  My energy levels have increased and those few kilos that I wanted to lose have stayed off.  Distance, even another country, hasn’t proved a challenge to Dori, who personalised my sessions, even researching local produce markets for me.  Skyping while sitting in my kitchen was another bonus and seems to have added to the reality of the experience.  Dori’s support has really helped me to get back on track with my diet choices and to make sense of the myriad of advice that is “out there”.  I now know what to do to feel energised and don’t have to think that being tired is a reflection of my age!”

Gaye W – Canberra, Australia

“At a point when I felt like I had no where else to go for assistance with my weight and overall health, I found Healing thru Food and Dori.  After several emails back and forth, I decided to give this a try.  It has been the one of the best experiences of my life.  Dori is extremely knowledgeable and such a wonderful and encouraging person.  Like others, I too received a very detailed and personal nutritional plan explaining the good and the bad about my eating habits, what needed to be changed and why it needed to be changed.  Healing Thru Food has opened my eyes to supplements and foods that at one time I would have never considered consuming, but in doing so, I feel so much better now.
There is also another side to Dori, she is such a great person, encouraging, nourishing, and a wonderful cheerleader (which is exactly what I needed). She has helped me see that it’s not only the physical being that needs to be healthy; the spirit as well plays a very big role in total healing and health.

I will always be very grateful to Healing Thru Food and Dori for all she has done for me and the wonderful journey she helped me begin.”

Dee J., – Hancock, ME

“I cannot recommend Healing Thru Food more to anyone who wants to eat healthier, lose weight or learn better nutrition for their children. It has helped me in all of those areas and Dori has taught me so much about food and what is good for me, what was good for me during my pregnancy, and also taught me so much about feeding my oldest child along with some great recipes!

During my pregnancy, I experienced some rapid weight gain 2 months in a row. I didn’t think I was eating anything bad. I just was not informed. After working with Dori, my excessive weight gain stopped while the baby continued to grow and thrive. I was in great shape and lost my baby weight so quickly this time around.

Dori is so knowledgeable, thorough and caring. I couldn’t believe the effort and time she put into my evaluation. I often refer back to the advice she gave me and use it as my little guide any time I need help.”

Michelle G. – Woodland Hills, CA

“Healing Thru Food is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their health and heal their body through nutrition. I made the switch to a vegan lifestyle a couple of months ago and was completely lost as to what I should be eating. I was hungry all the time because I was still eating the “Standard American Diet”, just not any animal products. I was so excited when I received my personalized nutrition plan that Dori put together that I started following it immediately. My cravings have all but disappeared and I actually feel full and content after a meal. Providing your body with proper fuel and nutrition is key to living a healthy, balanced life, and Healing Thru Food can give you the tools you need to get there.”

Tammy C. – Crystal Lake, IL

“Healing Thru Food has been a god send for my nutritional needs. I needed serious guidance when it came to what to get at the store. Every time I went I would end up going back to the same old things that I always ate. Thanks to Dori I changed that. Her food guide that she sent me was so informative and really helped educate me on what to buy. The best part is that she mapped out my entire juice cleanse. I did a 7 day the first time and lost 22lbs!!!! Without her help I, one would have never tried it and two had a much more difficult time. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING DORI!!!!”

Noah D. – Aliso Viejo, CA

“Dori was outstanding. She analyzed my food intake and gave me candid advice on the changes I needed to make in order to change my eating habits. I got an outstanding write up that taught me more about food and nutrition than anything I had read before in a magazine or book and it was personalized to the food issues I had.  I have substantially altered the way I eat and have seen great results quickly.  The shopping trip to Whole Foods provided additional information and had profoundly changed the way I grocery shop.  I am very happy I worked with Dori on my nutrition needs.”

Hunter J. – Miami, FL

“I looked to Healing Thru Food because I needed a change in my eating habits.  Although I was a bit resistant in the beginning and some of the changes seemed so far-fetched to be possible, I took Dori’s advice and knowledge and applied it to my eating habits.

Slowly but steadily, I started to apply her suggestions into my meals and now I feel great. The juice cleanse was an amazing way to start the process.  It helped me feel lighter and CLEAN…  I know I can count on Dori’s advice anytime I need new input for my routine!!  Thanks a million!!”

Romina N. – Miami, FL

“Dori completely changed my life for the better when she became my nutritionist. She simplified healthy eating for me and taught me how to make eating right a permanent habit. Even though I work long hours I have plenty of energy and I’m back to an athletic lifestyle. I feel great– thanks Dori!”

David M. – Culver City, CA

“Dori has assisted me as a nutrition coach and as a massage therapist. My health made a dramatic, positive change with her coaching and continued availability and caring nature. I highly recommend her in these roles.”

Margaret F. – Irvine, CA

“Healing Thru Food helped me combat a lifetime of bad habits and misinformation! With Dori’s expertise, I have made dramatic, permanent changes in my lifestyle, leading to greater health and a new, profound understanding of food and its effect on my overall well-being. I have not only learned a tremendous amount, but I have established a true curiosity and passion for nutrition that Healing Thru Food so effectively promotes!”

Erin C. – San Francisco, CA