Healthy Road Trip Tips-tales from my journey across the country

Hi friends and greetings from S. Beach Miami Florida!

What an adventure I have had this last week, taking 6 days to drive my little car across the country with my friend Tony to start the next chaper of my life. Miami is such a wonderful place to be! It’s tropical and warm with buzzing energy! People everywhere are running, paddleboarding, tai chi-ing, doing yoga or playing vollyball on the beach. It’s very inspiring and I am taking it all in. I took my very first yoga class tonight and I was so happy I could WALK there…something I could never do living in the San Fernando Valley. It’s the simple things I came here in search of. Living just feet from the beach (and having it be affordable!), interesting night life walking distance away, my yoga studio close by and my work commute being about 10 min vs. 45 min. I have no doubt I made the right choice, but afterall, it’s only January and from what I hear, the summer humidity can be brutal at best, but I did, however, live in Costa Rica, which is known for it’s humidity as well. Time will tell… Continue reading Healthy Road Trip Tips-tales from my journey across the country

Wanna be a Healthy Traveler?

Hi healthy friends!

Happy wintertime! And happy daylight savings day!

I thought I would talk to you about eating on the road since I seem to have been traveling a bit lately. I know I tend to ‘splurge’ when I am in vacation mode, but this usually means a glass of wine or maybe an espresso, so my point is, just because you are traveling, this should not be an excuse to eat whatever you want to. Here are some of my suggestions and tips on staying healthy when away from home. Continue reading Wanna be a Healthy Traveler?

From Coconut to Cannoli-Reflections of My Year in Food

This time last year I sat in my Los Gatos single apartment jobless, nearly penniless, manless, but not hopeless… I flash forward to my life now and I cannot be anything less than grateful for the experiences this past year has presented me. 2009 had to be the most emotional year for me, so far and I look forward to seeing what 2010 will present me with. I reflected on the loss of dear ones, lost close friends, and also made about a zillion new ones. Traveling opens your eyes to many possibilities you never even dreamed of. The connections and friendships inspire you to keep going. I have always been blessed to have my life filled with the most encouraging support system a girl can ask for and I do not take this for granted. Continue reading From Coconut to Cannoli-Reflections of My Year in Food

Basta with the Pasta!

Buon giorno da Italy!

Hi friends! I am currently in Palermo, Sicily and the food has been oh so fun and tasty!!! Italy does have a lot of what you’d expect-pizza, pasta, bread, gelato, more pizza and more pasta! BUT, I have good news…since I have no car, I am forced to walk around town and I have found there are plenty of little hidden gems that carry all sorts of healthier options  for me to eat. It has been fun to indulge, because, hey, life is short and it’s all part of the experience of being here. But once you come down from that sugar high from 2 gelatos (or more) per day or caffeine buzz since coffee is so cute, tasty, affordable and easy to drink tons of here, it is not that hard to get into a routine of eating more healthfully even in the most tempting of countries. 😉 Continue reading Basta with the Pasta!

Greetings from Costa Rica May 2009

Hola, and greetings from Costa Rica!

Hope you are well, healthy and enjoying life! Things are magical here and I just wanted to check in and share with you all that has been happening, food related, of course. 🙂

So, Café Organico has been keeping me pretty busy! Right now, we are in the beginning of “low season”, so we are not busy all of the time. We do, however have a yoga group who has joined us for 1 month, and they dine with us for breakfast and dinner every day! So, that keeps me and my kitchen staff pretty busy! Continue reading Greetings from Costa Rica May 2009

Native Eating

Hola friends!

I’m back from Costa Rica and had an amazing time! It was not conducive for me to write while I was there because usage of the internet was not free and I was def on a budget tour! Costa Rica was certainly a nice little escape from the harsh reality of our given economy and the stressful energy that surrounds us now as we face the future with a gigantic question mark. At least the country is now in good hands with Mr. Obama running the show! Continue reading Native Eating