Detox and Cleansing

Over time our bodies collect toxic waste and we may start to feel sluggish or run down. Acidic foods such as refined, processed foods, red meat, dairy and sugar can contribute to this collection of garbage in our system. Our cells get gunked up with debris left over from unhealthy foods, environmental toxins or even toxic emotions! These harmful toxins turn into fat in our bodies, so it is important to “clean house” once in a while. 

We can do this by eliminating all solid foods for a period of time and only consuming fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Drinking fresh juice can provide you with all the essential nutrients you need and you’d be surprised at the results you will see after participating in a juice cleanse. Some expected results can be (note: every person is different and will have a different personal experience):

  • Weight loss
  • Cravings disappear
  • Clearer skin
  • Feeling more balanced and light
  • Taste buds are more alive
  • Mental clarity

Everyone can stand to participate in a cleanse if they have never done one and they can be done seasonally to gear up for different foods, weather and energy. Having a proper juicer is key and I can help get you all set up for success! It’s also just as important to follow certain guidelines for coming off of a cleanse and I coach you through this process as well. I attempt to make cleansing an enjoyable process for you.