Eating on the Go

In this day and age, we are all juggling a ton between work, family, school, kids, travel, etc. This is no reason to let your health suffer. How can you truly be at your peak performance when you’re running on empty, so to speak? When we’re out and about and hungry, our emotions take over and we tend to gravitate towards what is “easy and convenient”. Unfortunately, most of the “convenient” fast foods are laden with tons of trans fats, refined sugar and sodium, filling us up on empty calories.

Eating healthy on the go can be challenging, but when you are armed and prepared to tackle the world outside your own kitchen, you’d be amazed at the time, energy and money you can save. Stop stressing about what to eat as a busy professional, student or soccer mom! Putting a plan into action and thinking ahead will help create harmony and a happy belly. Learn how to shop smarter, systemize your kitchen and prepare foods that can be easily transported! Also, get tips on healthy pre-made snack foods you can carry with you in your purse, car, briefcase or diaper bag!

Once you have a system down and most importantly learn what foods to avoid, you can feel confident that you will never go hungry or are forced to choose unhealthful foods on the go again. Eat healthy and feel energized with my helpful and applicable tips. Let HTF help you stay fueled throughout the day no matter where you are!