Going Vegetarian or Vegan

Thinking about switching out your meats for beets? Making the decision to transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet is a commendable one that not only benefits you, but the entire planet. It’s not easy, but by being educated on the basic necessities of the body, it can certainly be achieved and sustainable. It’s extremely rewarding to eat a plant-based diet as plants naturally provide the majority of what we need to survive. The goal is to shift to being a healthy veggie or vegan.

Simply avoiding animal products yet eating anything you want under the “vegetarian” category is not ideal or healthy. Unfortunately, a lot of veggie alternatives are nothing but processed foods that provide little to no nutritional value. They market themselves as being healthy and yes, can be tasty, but no healthier than eating the real thing sometimes. Speaking from personal experience as a vegan, this is a process that takes easing into and a lot of trial and error. It also helps to have constant support and access to helpful resources!

HTF can provide a plan and loving support for you and will meet you where ever you are holding; whether your goal is to be ovo-lacto, pescatarian or full-fledged vegan. Doing this the healthy way takes assistance and encouragement as well as knowing what will work for your body and supplementing what you cannot get from food. My goal is to help you succeed and I want to help ensure your optimal health by providing meal plans, snack ideas, supplement recommendations, recipes, and resources. There is a beautiful and amazing veggie world out there and it is becoming much more mainstream, making it much easier to live in “meat-centered” society.