Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience when you’re feeling good, but if you’re not, it can be quite taxing physically and emotionally for both mom and baby. When you’re eating for two, it can be challenging to know what will serve you and your growing baby best. You want your baby to grow, not you, so it’s important to educate yourself on what foods will be the most beneficial, provide the most nutrients, be healthy, but also taste good!

Pregnant women have different needs than most and during this magical time, it’s so important to listen to your body. Choosing the right foods can help you to have an easy and comfortable pregnancy. Having dietary restrictions doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy tasty and delicious foods that are packed with nutrition. There are countless options and alternatives out there and we can make sure you will not feel deprived or like you are sacrificing anything.

HTF can coach you and assist you with the following:

  • Keeping a healthy pregnancy weight
  • Managing cravings
  • Avoiding gestational diabetes
  • Keeping mood stable
  • Combating morning sickness
  • Managing fatigue
  • Maintaining that glow and having healthy looking skin
  • Providing natural remedies for constipation and/or hemorrhoids
  • Helping you get a head start on feeding your child right

Start your new baby off right from the get-go. Studies have shown that children enjoy the flavors they experience early on, including while they are in the womb! Working with someone you trust who knows just how special you moms-to-be are is key for you and your baby’s success!