Sweet, Sweet Alternatives

Are you one of the millions of people that are still using SPLENDA (or some other funky sugar substitute such as NutriSweet or Equal)??? Listen folks, no matter what the food industry tries to sell you on, Splenda and other such sugar substitutes are BAAAAAAAAAD news! A Splenda cookbook???? For diabetics?? Let me explain why that is all kinds of wrong….

We will start with Splenda (or sucralose) since that is the most popular and everyone thinks it’s good for you. Splenda has taken the artificial sweetener world by storm. It is the most marketed product of its nature and people know it as “the sweetener that is made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar”. Sucralose does start off as a sugar molecule, true, but it is denatured in such as way that it makes it completely unusable to the body. It’s TOXIC. In Splenda’s case, 3 CHLORINE molecules are added to it’s chemical make up. Continue reading Sweet, Sweet Alternatives

Snack Happy

Many people I come across have the same dilemma; the don’t know what to eat when it comes to snacks. Ideally, we should be eating every 3 hrs, so it should look like this: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack…seems like a lot of food, but if you snack healthy and the bigger meals are proportioned and healthy, your metabolism is more balanced. Some people are under the misconception that in order to lose weight, you have to limit your food intake or go hours between meals. Peeps, this pisses your body off, big time. How would you feel if you didn’t know when your next meal was coming? You’d be a little bit stressed out, correct? Well, this is what happens to your body. It goes into starvation mode because it doesn’t know when to expect food. If you keep things regular, it can chill out a bit and just do it’s thing instead of savoring every ounce of fat and storing it because it thinks it has to. SNACK my friends! Eat healthy mini meals in between healthy bigger meals and I promise you, you will have positive results…it’s all about blood sugar balance and keeping it in balance means a happy, healthy metabolism, which in turn means burning more calories quicker…but you have to be eating the right things. Continue reading Snack Happy

Celiac Disease Awareness-Mary’s Gone Crackers/Celiac Disease Foundation

Thank you, Natalie for this information:

Mary’s Gone Crackers and the Celiac Disease Foundation Highlight Symptoms of the Condition in Recognition of Celiac Awareness Month
Gourmet Gluten-Free Snack Company and Non-Profit Support Organization Promote Education, Diagnosis and Lifestyle Changes

Gridley, Calif. (May 7, 2008) – In recognition of National Celiac Disease Awareness Month in May, Mary’s Gone Crackers, makers of gourmet gluten-free foods, and the Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF), have released a checklist of symptoms of the disease, which affects one in 133 adults and children. More than three million Americans are estimated to have Celiac Disease, yet 97 percent of people go undiagnosed. Those with Celiac Disease are unable to tolerate gluten, the common name for the natural proteins found in wheat, barley and rye.

Some common symptoms of Celiac Disease include: Continue reading Celiac Disease Awareness-Mary’s Gone Crackers/Celiac Disease Foundation

Avocado Love

Good day everyone! So, I encourage you to keep your questions coming because once in a while, I can feature them on my blog and answer it directly and I bet your bottom dollar that someone, somewhere out there has the same question, or something similar, so ASK AWAY! Today’s question comes from Lisa in San Marcos, CA and reads:

Dori, I love your blog so much and all the information is so helpful. So, what it the 411 on avocados? Why does my body crave them?

First off, who doesn’t love avocados? I believe they were sent to us from heaven above! And now is the season for them. Your body is extremely in tune with the seasons (whether YOU are or not) and avocados are definitely making their way back into the stores and Farmer’s Markets this time of year (thank goodness!). They have so many beneficial properties I will clue you in on. Continue reading Avocado Love

What is Nutritional Yeast and Why is it Good for Me?

What is nutritional yeast, you ask? It’s an amazing booster food! What is a booster food? A booster food is a food that we need in very small quantities in our eating lifestyle, but offers a lot of bang for the buck. Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast similar to brewer’s yeast. It is known for it’s vitamin B-12 content, which is added to the yeast, but this is the only plant source of vitamin B-12, making nutritional yeast extremely popular among vegans and vegetarians. In about 1 1/2 tablespoons there is roughly 133% vitamin B-12!! Talk about a booster food!

Nutritional yeast has a cheesy, nutty Continue reading What is Nutritional Yeast and Why is it Good for Me?

Those Pesky Allergies

This is the time of year where the weather is happy, but many of us are miserable! Seasonal allergies affect millions and cause everything from sneezing, to runny noses, to watery eyes, to headaches. People cursed with allergies often times resort to antihistamine meds that can make them groggy, hyper or just plain loopy. Now, I don’t know about you, but Spring time seems like a crummy time to be drugged out and not able to enjoy all this season has to offer.

What you have to consider is that allergies are directly related to your body’s immune system. 2/3 of your immune system is located in your G.I. (Gastrointestinal Tract), which means that the health of that system effects EVERYTHING else; including allergic responses.

Allergens, which are what cause allergic responses Continue reading Those Pesky Allergies

So, what about raw foods?

When you hear the term “raw” food, what comes to mind? Sushi? Blood red meat? Uncooked chicken? Well, the world of raw foods is nothing of the sort. Sure, those items are “raw” but when we talk about raw food in the health food sense, it means foods in their “living” form. Similar to fermented foods, raw or live foods also contain enzymes which cooked foods lack. The enzymes in raw foods assist the body in the process of digestion.

The raw food diet dates all the way back to paleolithic ages when all cave men could eat were raw foods-vegetables, fruits and nuts. They really had no other choice. So, we almost have a natural instinct to eat this way. Sure, they hunted for animals to eat, but believe me, back then, those animals were truly wild…not fed diets full of pesticides or antibiotics. Continue reading So, what about raw foods?

Whole Foods

Just a quick little note to explain what whole foods actually are, and no, I’m not talking about the market, although, this is where I live 5 out of 7 days a week, it seems. 🙂 I do loves me some Whole Foods market.

When I talk about whole foods, I want you to understand what I am talking about because I don’t want to make assumptions that every body knows what a whole food is. The concept of whole foods is pretty basic. Literally. It just means that the food has not been processed in anyway, or if it has, it has been done in a way that does not completely alter it, such as olive oil. Olive oil, as you know, is oil from olives. It’s clearly not a “whole food” but it typically is expeller cold pressed and that is a process that does not heat up and destroy the properties in the oil. It basically squeezes the oil out of the olive in a huge press and this is done without heat to again keep from destroying the oil. As I mentioned Continue reading Whole Foods

Fermented Foods and Digestive Health

If you haven’t thought much about fermented foods, you should start to. Fermented or cultured foods actually offer a world of benefit for our digestive systems and have a rich history. These foods are common in Korean, Chinese, Japanese and some European cultures and have been for some time. See, in our guts live billions of tiny bacteria; some good, some bad. In fact, there are about 20 times more bacteria in our systems than there are cells in our bodies. If the bad bacteria out number the good, which can be the case if you are eating SAD since these bacteria’s favorite food is sugar and SAD foods contain LOTS of sugar, then the good bacteria cannot do their job because they are being bullied by the bad guys. Bummer, huh? We need to give the good guys a little help by adding foods to our diet that help them reproduce in order to help us feel good and stay healthy. Continue reading Fermented Foods and Digestive Health

Tips on choosing a good quality multi-vitamin mineral supplement

The importance of including a good quality daily multi-vitamin mineral supplement is a concept I don’t believe many people seem to grasp. In a perfect world, we would be getting all of our much needed nutrients from the foods we consume, but sadly this is not the case, since a majority of people eat SAD (standard American diet). I hate to burst your bubble, but One-A-Day is not the ideal choice for a multi. Sure, it’s a great marketing ploy-“I can take only one vitamin per day and get all the important nutrients my body needs!” Riiiight. My friends, most of the vitamins in your multi are WATER soluble, and guess what our bodies are mainly made up of? You guessed it-water-about 70% of our body weight, if you want to get technical. This means, that most of the vitamins and minerals taken in are getting excreted through our urine. Yes, we pee most of them out, meaning, you need more than ONE-A-DAY to actually receive the benefits from them. A high quality multi will most likely Continue reading Tips on choosing a good quality multi-vitamin mineral supplement