Quinoa-my favorite grain

Quinoa (pronounce KEEN-WAH) is a small, quick cooking grain with tons of nutritional benefit. Cooked quinoa is fluffy and creamy with a nice teensy crunch giving it a slightly nutty flavor. Quinoa has the highest protein content of any grain and it is low in calories, which is another marvelous perk, since we are such a calorie-obsessed society. It is a recommended protein source for vegans and vegetarians because it also contains essential amino acids making it a complete protein, which these types of diets sometimes lack.

Quinoa is a gluten free food, meaning that it contains no wheat, so if you are gluten sensitive or have Celiac disease, this grain is perfect for you and can easily be used in place of brown rice or pasta, which usually do contain gluten (you can also find gluten free pasta, but quinoa is a great alternative!) Continue reading Quinoa-my favorite grain

Some Truths About Coconut Oil

So, what have YOU heard about coconut oil? It’s fattening? Bad for you? Don’t use it? Well, I am here to set the record straight. Coconut oil is one of the most nutritious forms of fat out there. Mainly made up of saturated fat at 92% , it has gotten a pretty bad rep because saturated fats are linked to CHD (coronary heart disease). In an article entitled A New Way of Looking at Coconut Oil by the amazing Mary Enig, Ph. D, she explains how coconut oil ended up the red-headed step-child:

How did coconut oil get such a negative reputation?

The problems for coconut oil started four decades ago when researchers fed animals hydrogenated coconut oil that was purposefully altered to make it completely devoid of any essential fatty acids. The hydrogenated coconut oil was selected instead of hydrogenated cottonseed, corn or soybean oil because it was a soft enough fat for blending into diets due to the presence of the lower melting medium chain saturated fatty acids. The same Continue reading Some Truths About Coconut Oil

Benefits for Egg Eaters

<UPDATED 5/21/11: Eventhough I choose a “healthy vegan” Eating Lifestyle, I used to consume eggs religiously and I can comprehend their nutritional benefit. I also realize that all you readers are not going to all be vegan, so I left the article up because it was one of the first blog posts I wrote about and I do think you should find this article informative. I wanted to educate people on why eggs were healthy on the matter of cholesterol, since that is where they have their bad rep. My personal beliefs and Eating Lifestyle work for me, and although I do not consume eggs anymore, I do think if you choose to, you should be well informed. >

Eggs seem to be one of the most controversial foods. Do they raise cholesterol? Do they lower cholesterol? Are they fattening? Should you just eat egg whites? What’s the difference between white and brown eggs? Did they come first before the chicken or after? Who knows? Continue reading Benefits for Egg Eaters

Sunday-Farmer’s Market Day

Hello all, Thanks for visiting! This site will hopefully offer you some interesting and fun nutrition information that you can put to use in your every day life. Sunday for me is Farmer’s Market day! My FAVORITE day of the week! It’s a chance for me to gather up my weeks “supplies” to nourish my body and soul with the food that comes from local and organic farmers. It’s a great way to support the “green” movement and get some fantastic, beautiful fruits and veggies (among other things such as breads, honey and cheese). Don’t forget to bring your own reusable bag! 🙂

Today I took home tangelos, after trying a sample Continue reading Sunday-Farmer’s Market Day