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Candida Diet – My Cleanse for Candida Treatment

What is Candida? How do I cure Candida?

We all have Candida. Every single one of us. Yep, that means you, too. Candida Albicans is a very pesky fungus (or yeast) that can cause many undesirable symptoms ranging from fatigue, joint pain, headaches, memory loss, gas/bloating, weight gain, acne, eczema, bleeding gums, hair loss, athlete’s foot, halitosis,  you name it; it’s probably a result of Candida overgrowth. The range is broad and so you can imagine it’s extremely difficult to diagnose and most people have to self-diagnose themselves because it is way too often mistaken for something else. It can mask itself as IBS, Crohn’s, athlete’s foot, arthritis or even chronic fatigue syndrome.

In order for us to remain healthy, it’s imperative that we have a greater colony of “good” intestinal bacteria (or flora) vs. “bad” intestinal bacteria. Can you guess which kind Candida Albicans is? Our beneficial bacteria can be wiped out whenever we are forced to take antibiotics for one reason or another, we are under a lot of stress, we take birth control (ladies) or we eat SAD (Standard American Diet), which includes consuming tons of refined white sugar, flours, processed foods, soda, etc.  Hmm,  think this would apply to anyone you know?  ;) Yep, as I said, it’s pretty much well assumed that we all have Candida. And a normal amount of “bad” bacteria is not so terrible; it’s when we have an overgrowth that there can start to be major problems.

So, how do you know if you have candida? Well, as I said it’s hard to tell. The best way is to do some research and perhaps log your symptoms. No offense to Western med, but if you see your primary, it’s most likely they will not be able to give you a clear and honest diagnosis. It’s best to see a Nutrition Coach (such as myself) or an N.D. (naturopathic doctor).

If you do think you have a Candida overgrowth, not to worry. You can kill off the bacteria, but it does take a lot of work. This is where diet truly comes into play. Most literature/websites that are devoted to educating people about Candida recommend you get rid of Candida in stages; a cleanse, an elimination diet (or the Candida Diet) and then a reintroduction of certain foods.

Let’s face it, we all know we should not be consuming a diet rich in refined anything, processed junk or be taking globs of antibiotics right? Also, we can all stand to keep our stress levels regulated by having some healthy outlets such as yoga, meditation, other exercise, massage, painting…whatever it is that helps you become more centered and calm.

I write this post today because I myself am dealing with an overgrowth of Candida. I have known it for years, and have basically been in denial. For those of you who follow my posts on Facebook, you know that I have a slight obsession with Bunnies Cakes (these adorable and super tasty mini vegan cupcakes) or I am always making something chocolate. ;) I admit it. I LOVE sweets, but you know what? My body doesn’t, and it’s screaming at me at this point to STOP. So, I have to listen because I have to honor what is best for me.

On April 1, 2012, I will begin my journey through the Candida Diet and this is probably going to be one of the biggest challenges I have ever gone through since I love food so much and the diet is extremely limited. The entire process will probably take about 2 months (or longer; remember, I mentioned Candida is pesky) to kill off the bad bacteria. On the one hand though, I am really excited to finally walk this path and go through this experience because I know it’s time. It will also give me perspective to be able to service my clients better. All I can say though, is thank goodness I can still eat avocados on this diet! I don’t think I would be on board otherwise! :)

I plan on documenting the process either with videos or written blog updates to keep you posted and share my experience with you. Please leave me comments on anything related; if you’ve done the diet, if you think you may have Candida overgrowth, if you have any words of wisdom, I’d love to read them.

As I update, I will fill you in more about the foods I am going to be consuming. Believe me, there are tons of things I can’t eat, so I am choosing to focus on the delicious things I can, for instance TONS of veggies, hemp seeds, flax, almonds, pecans, brown rice and quinoa! I will also be taking in some antifungals such as coconut oil and grapefruit seed extract. I will be more than fine, but I do admit I am a bit nervous. Quitting sugar is like quitting any other drug. I posted a quote on my Facebook page recently that said, “If you don’t think sugar is a drug, just try to quit” and I couldn’t agree with this more. Just the thought of losing my Bunnies Cakes makes me die a little inside, but some things in life are worth letting go of, especially if you want to feel good!

Please stay tuned and wish me luck… I will need all of your love, help and support to get through this challenge. Also, if you are interested in combating your own struggle with Candida, you can always contact me for support and coaching.

So for now, it’s sayonara sugar and vamanos veggies!


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  • JD

    Good luck Dori!

  • http://www.healingthrufood.com Dori

    Thanks so much, JD! Appreciate it! So far, so good…but it’s only Day 1, lol!

  • JC

    I was diagnosed with IBS as a kid (11 or 12 years), and my diet has been a continuous experiment ever since. I often pride myself in my healthy eating, which I thank my syndrome for, but I am beginning to question my current diet…

    I try to stick to organic food for the most part (this includes box food), but I think what my body really needs is whole raw foods. I eat (probably too much) yogurt & drink a ton of kombucha, which is why I was a little shocked when symptoms of candida overgrowth started to reveal in my body for the first time. I started to use tea tree suppositories, and thought maybe if I drank a bit more water and stayed away from cheese that the infection would take care of itself. It’s been a few months and the symptoms (clumpy discharge, headaches, anxiety, mood swings) keep re-occurring especially after intimate time with my partner.

    I originally thought that the infection was due to intercourse, but now that I am considering my past with IBS as well as HORRIBLE pms related cramps & mood swings, I am wondering the interrelatedness of all of these symptoms that have been contributing to a general feeling of being low. I always knew that anxiety was deeply tied to IBS & pms cramping, which I have tried to approach through yoga and meditation, but adding candida overgrowth into the picture seems to add a whole new element.

    I am just wondering what your thoughts are, as you seem to have dealt with similar experiences, on my situation and what you would suggest. I really dislike going to doctors about this situation, as it seems no one really knows much about it, and I tend not to feel comfortable with some of the solutions that have been proposed (such as going on birth control to fix period cramps, although they seem to ignore that IBS is related to the intense cramps).

    I am considering homeopathic cleansing kits and a diet, but I’m not really sure where to begin and I feel overwhelmed by all of the foods I’m reading NOT to eat. I’m hoping that maybe you could suggest a diet of foods that I CAN eat, or any other suggestions that you may have. Is it probable that I should stay away from gluten, even after I cleanse? I feel weird about reintroducing some of these foods back into my body, because aren’t they what caused me to feel like sh*t in the first place? Again, I have suffered from IBS all of my life (hereditary), and this is the first time I have observed an overgrowth of candida in my body, but I am wondering if it has been a hidden issue for a while now, as I have also suffered from mild depression and anxiety, tiredness, & mood swings.

    Thank you for taking time to read my response, and I appreciate your support through this blog!